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How to Participate

The Vegan Bake Sale is open to any group, commercial establishment or individual! You do not need to be part of a vegan or animal advocacy group to participate, as long as the treats and other materials do not contain animal products or promote the use of animals. Read More


The 10th edition of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale is almost here, to sell delicious plant-based treats, while raising money for your favourite charities! Our Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale video has all the important information for you! Have a look at it!Read More


We have prepared some easy and delicious vegan recipes for you. Cheesecake, orange cupcakes or carrot cake - there is something for everyone.Read More


Since 2009, the WVBS has been a unique combination of outreach, fun, and fundraising. Over the years, the WVBS has raised more than £250,000 in six continents.Read More

Baking Tips

Vegan baking is not only animal and environmentally friendly, but also very multifaceted. The offerings ranges from traditional pastries such as chocolate cakes and apple pies, to American cupcakes and muffins. Here you can find some simple tips and tricks to be perfectly prepared.Read More