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Hold a Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale Event

What to do right before your Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale event

  • Check your venue and make sure all the preparation have been taken care of
  • Setup time: at least one hour before and after the Bake Sale

Attracting attention

Before you set everything up for your Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale event, it’s good to know what attracts people:

  • Large colourful banner
  • Serving trays and artfully arranged items
  • Labels on foods 
  • Signs with directions (e.g., “Bake Sale” with an arrow pointing to the event). If allowed, you can use chalk to write “This way to the Bake Sale” on the sidewalks or footpaths leading to you
  • A plate of samples
  • Goodie bags with colourful ribbons
  • Donation jar

Hopefully, this goes without saying, but customer service and politeness make a huge difference, especially since we are representing veganism and our charity. Smile and say “thank you.” If you make a mistake, offer a sincere apology, and maybe throw in some free merchandise to help set things right.

All these tips and tricks will help to attract and maintain customers’ interest and generate sales!


Keeping things clean

  • It’s good form to wear latex gloves and/or use tongs. Some health codes may require this.
  • Periodically wipe the table. Crumbs and other residue may accumulate over time.
  • Bring a container of cruelty-free hand sanitiser.
  • Have napkins handy for customers.
  • If you have enough personnel, ask separate people to handle money and the food.
  • Here is a Checklist of all the things you might need for a successful Vegan Bake Sale!


Going the extra mile

  • Try offering a bag of treats. If you have lots of small cookies, place as many as will comfortably fit into bags. Package them attractively, and sell the bags of cookies for a reasonable amount of money. You could sell different sizes of cookie bags for different prices.
  • Attach recipes to the items you’re selling.
  • Print labels with your group name, logo, and/or web site, and add something like “cruelty-free.” Put them on the wrappers and/or take-away boxes for your baked goods. If you use nuts or other ingredients that might cause allergies in some customers, be sure to label which products contain nuts, seeds, soy, or gluten.
  • Offer bottled water, non-dairy milk, or some other refreshing beverage.
  • If there’s no seating in the vicinity, and you’ve got the space, bring a few chairs so customers who want to eat right away can sit down.
  • Mark down prices if you have unsold inventory and there’s only half an hour left.
  • If possible, arrange for one or two people to answer questions about eggs, dairy, vegan food, and related topics that frequently come up during vegan Bake Sales.
  • Ask visitors to your Bake Sale how they found out about the event. This may help your marketing in the future.
  • Consider giving away a prize to one or more lucky customers through a raffle or similar system. A vegan cookbook signed by the author makes for a nice prize, but the possibilities are endless. You’ll need to record entrants’ contact info (email or phone number) and decide how to get the prize to the winner.


How to win people over effectively

  • If you bake delicious goodies, visitors to your event will be won over by the taste alone. This is your chance to help introduce people to the benefits of vegan baking and vegan food in general.
  • Try to avoid using negative messaging or shocking imagery. People are less likely to change their behaviour or try out something new if they feel forced or shamed into it.
  • Instead, focus on the positives of vegan baking – it’s easy, economical, and delicious. And since it does not require dairy milk or eggs, it’s even safe enough for children to lick the batter without getting sick! It’s also cholesterol-free for health-conscious adults.
  • When talking about vegan lifestyles, be constructive, give people knowledge (it’s delicious, good for our health, the animals, and the planet), but also the tools they need to try it out themselves – like through a link to a 30-day plant-based food challenge in your country.
  • If people specifically ask why eggs or milk are bad, talk about health (e.g. many people are lactose intolerant their whole lives without realising it, modern dairies include a lot of antibiotics and hormones in milk, eggs have the risk of salmonella) or animal welfare (e.g. dairy farming separates baby calves from their mothers – with the males being seen as useless and sold to the meat industry, or how male chicks are often killed upon hatching because they are seen as useless). You are showing a way to enjoy everyone’s favourite treats, without contributing to such practices.
  • Use terms like “plant-based” or “cruelty-free”, if you find that your community is not open to the term “vegan”
  • Do not get into arguments or passionate discussions, try to be messengers of optimism for a kinder, healthier, more sustainable world.

Taking photos or videos

  • Take pictures of the event: people checking out the food; customers biting into cupcakes; volunteers serving slices of pie; crowds at the table; conversations off to the side. Give viewers of a sense of the excitement and community at the Bake Sale. You should ask people whether they mind if their picture is taken, and let them know where they can find your online photo album.
  • Try to get some close-ups of ornately decorated, colourful, interestingly shaped, or intricately constructed items.
  • Get at least one shot of the table at the start of the Bake Sale when everything is set up beautifully.
  • By taking pictures throughout the Bake Sale, you’ll get a good variety of people and times of day (if outdoors) in your photo collection.
  • If possible, get a group photo of everyone helping out. This can be helpful in pitching future events and will provide you with a nice keepsake.

A video record of the Bake Sale can include pre- and and post-Bake Sale interviews, as well as interviews with volunteers and customers during the event.


After the Bake Sale

  • Be gracious, appreciative guests. Leave the place clean and you’ll get invited back next year.
  • If you have leftovers (and maybe even if you don’t), consider making goodie bags and giving them away for free.
  • Don’t forget to thank people: your hosts, volunteers, and bakers.


Be part of an event that will raise money for your favourite charity, and publicise the many benefits of a cruelty-free diet!


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