2012 Bake Sale Highlights

The bake sales in the 2012 Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale were stupendous . . . as shown in these highights!
“We had one of the most successful bake sales ever!! ... We had a really good turnout, lots of repeat customers and talked to quite a few people on being vegan/how to bake vegan, etc.”

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“We had suuuuch a great time during the first Vegan Bake Sale in Cologne yesterday! It was amazing: Sunny weather, 55 different yummy cakes / cupcakes / cookies, lots of hungry folks.”

Brisbane, Queensland
Both Green Earth Group vegan bake sales were awesome as always, even though it poured during the second one.

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Vegan Ireland's bake sale had a diversity of delectable desserts, as you can see from the pictures.

North Carolina
Nag's Head
“There was a huge turnout and everybody was totally digging all the vegan treats; we sold out of everything we baked!”

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Rancho Cucamonga
“We sold chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, peppermint patties, chex mix, lemon bars, blueberry coffee cake, a variety of cupcakes, rice krispie treats, muffins, pumpkin squares, and scones.”

The Vienna vegan bake sale was busy and the goods sold briskly.

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New Jersey
Peace Tree Vegan Cupcakes & Pastries sold an assortment of vegan awesomeness, including doggie treats, at Camp Jam in the Pines, which featured “great music, camping, bonfires, and hippies.”

Bendigo, Victoria
The Edgar's Mission fundraising bake sale featured vegan "cupcakes, pies, sausages rolls, lamingtons and more," but the star was Timmy, the friendly sheep who's an unofficial ambassador of the sanctuary.

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“Anlässlich des Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale haben wir Karlsruhe mit den leckersten veganen Kuchen und Törtchen zum Staunen gebracht.”