2013 Bake Sale Highlights

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New Jersey
West Orange
The West Orange bake sale was put together by three friends, with lots of help from neighborhood kids, to add vegan deliciousness to the St. Patrick's Day parade. Proceeds went to for the Animals Sanctuary in New Jersey.

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Calgary & Okotoks
“The Calgary bake sale is done for another year and was our best one yet! All the publicity and advertising paid off and resulted in us being swarmed starting at 9:30 am and being mostly sold out by 1:30!”

The delectables at this bake sale for Animal Place included cookies, cupcakes, brownies, truffles, and twinkies (all vegan, of course).

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“It was a blast selling baked goods...”
“Dear unknown pink donut baker: I am in love with you. I hope that we can run away together and you will bake me pink donuts every day.”

Among other cool things, the Vegeration: UW vegan and vegetarian club bake sale had red velvet cupcakes with green frosting, to represent soil and trees (for Earth Day) and origami decorations on the table.

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“Thank you SO much to everyone who baked and/or stopped by to support the sale!”

“Thank you for helping and contributing to the animal cause.” (“Gostaríamos de agradecer por nos ajudar e contribuir com a causa animal.”)

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
San Rafael
“THANK YOU, awesome people! You made the day a huge success.”
“I am so glad I was able to participate in this awesome event today.”
“Marin Friends of Ferals is extremely grateful for naming us as one of the beneficiaries.”

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Colorado Springs
“THANK YOU all so much for the hard work and incredible goodies you provided.”
“What a turnout we had...It was a fun day filled with yummy vegan treats!”