Vegan bake sale checklist

Bake Sale Checklist

Although every bake sale is unique, it may be handy to have a general checklist, to help make sure that you haven't forgotten anything, or for ideas for useful extras to bring. This list is a compromise between “just the important stuff” and every conceivable option. We hope you can use it to help make your bake sale a huge success!


  • Folding tables
  • Tablecloths
  • Tent (if outside and not under a roof)

Displaying Food

  • Platters of various sizes, some with clean, clear covers. Baskets are another option.
  • Cake display case, cupcake holders, doilies, flowers—items to make the food display look nice
  • Paper signs with names of the baked goods and the price of each (you can probably print or write a lot of these up ahead of time)
  • Extra paper (or index cards, etc.) to write down the names and prices of baked goods you didn't know about beforehand
  • Recipes for some (or all) of the items, if possible

Serving and Selling Food to Customers

  • Small cardboard to-go boxes—about 6"x6"x3" is good. (You can order these ahead of time, online, in bulk, from someplace like or
  • Labels for your packaged goods. E.g., a label that says “Vegan–No animal ingredients–Cruelty-Free!” with your logo and website. You can have another label on the back with more details if you like.
  • Large metal knives for cutting cake; may also need tongs, spatulas (large and small), and/or spoons
  • Cash box with lots of single dollar bills, or the equivalent in local currency. An alternative to a cash box, especially at large-spread-out bake sales, is aprons. (To avoid having to deal with change, price things to be in even amounts of your standard currency, such as dollars or euros.)
  • Napkins to hand out
  • Disposable forks, ideally biodegradable or compostable. ( sells wooden utensils in bulk.)
  • Plastic snack bags for cookies
  • Plastic wrap and/or waxed paper
  • Small paper plates (for “eat it here” purchases), dinner-sized paper plates (for offering free samples)
  • Small paper bags (lunch size)
  • Hot or cold beverages optional. How well they sell may be dependent on weather, proximity of other beverage options, etc.
  • Cups for drinks

Storing Food

  • Cooler for items that aren't stable at room temperature or when it's hot out, or for beverages that are served cold
  • Ice

Non-food items to offer on the table

  • Literature—fliers, brochures, etc.
  • Display holders for your literature
  • Raffle tickets and prizes, merchandise for sale, etc. and display holders for these items as needed
  • Paperweights for literature if it's windy


  • Trash can (or cardboard box) and bags in case there is not a trash can nearby
  • Separate receptacle for recycling if there is not one in the area
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic gloves (can often get at a party store or drugstore)
  • Water jug for rinsing hands
  • Liquid soap for rinsing hands
  • Sneeze guards
  • Anything else required by local health department

Promoting Your Cause(s)

  • Donation jar
  • Signup sheet for your group
  • Sign, banner, and/or tablecloth with the name of your group
  • Sign saying what the proceeds will be used for

Promoting the Bake Sale

  • Donation jar
  • Large signs directing people to your bake sale, e.g. “Vegan bake sale at the library!” (real-estate-type signs stuck in ground, if allowed; regular signs that can be taped to structures, if allowed, or held by volunteers, out near the street; various types of white boards or blackboards)
  • Chalk, if you have a blackboard or are allowed to write on the sidewalk or pavement


  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands
  • Pens and markers
  • Camera
  • Folding chairs—for customers, if there's room, and/or for volunteers (if they have time to sit down!)