Postponed this year! More information will come soon.

Bake The World A Better Place

The Worldwide Vegan Bake sale mobilises people around the world to bake vegan treats and raise funds for charitable causes, while also promoting great tasting vegan food.

Since 2009, we have raised more than $480,000 with bake sales taking place in hundreds of cities across 27 countries and 6 continents.

This year's edition is postponed because of the worldwide health situation and we will give you more information as soon as we develop a new strategy!

Get Involved

The Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale is open to any individual, group or commercial establishment. You don't have to be vegan or an animal advocate to participate. As long as the treats and other materials used do not contain animal products, like eggs or dairy, you are welcome to join in!

Taking part is quick and easy. Simply follow the following four steps to get involved.

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Vegan Baking Tips

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    Replacing eggs is simple, try using apple sauce, or a combination of mashed banana, flaxseed and warm water to bind the dough. When it comes to leavening the dough, a little baking soda does the job!

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    Swap out cow's milk with your favourite plant-based milk or cream, such as soya, almond, coconut and oat!

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    Butter is easily replaced with margarine, vegan butter, mild-tasting oil, and peanut or almond butter!

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Check out these simple vegan recipes for some inspiration.


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